October 30, 2009

Pink pigs

I made another Dewdrop Handbag, this time for my sister for her birthday. I love the way it turned out.

The Echino fabric is perfect for this bag as it has a sturdy weight and crisp hand that give the bag structure. I included fusible interfacing as well. It's one tough little bag!

When edge- and top-stitching there were times when there were several layers to sew through which would have been difficult without my trusty walking foot. I love that thing! Absolutely indispensible.

I wanted the bag to be deeper than the last one I made so it could hold more. To achieve this, I cut the pattern in half horizontally, separated the two halves by two inches, and then pinned and cut.

I totally love this fabric and have several more prints that I'm looking forward to using.

Have you made something with Echino?

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  1. Very cute! I love the print.

  2. Adorable fabric. The bag is lovely. Looks like a very useful size, too.

  3. It is definitely useful and lots of fun to tote around, too. I was the very lucky recipient of this gift, and I've been using it as a purse for a couple weeks now. It easily holds my wallet, blackberry, and keys. I don't like to carry around very much or have too many compartments, so it is just perfect for me right now. I was concerned that I wouldn't get to use it at first because my 4-year-old kept bringing it to his room and filling it with his trinkets.

    Hey, I guess I do read your blog from time to time. ;)