April 24, 2009

Colour inspiration from a recent hike

I had the opportunity to get out and hike this week and visited a beautiful hardwood forest insterspersed with pockets of swamp. Here I found some lovely colour inspiration.....

...in the form of Marsh Marigold leaves. The colour of spring. Fresh, new, lush and full of life. The forest was flooded and from the pools of water these bright green leaves sprung.

All around, the pools were littered with the spent red flowers of Silver Maples....

The green is pretty much my most favourite colour. I tend to gravitate toward this colour. Put fabric, yarn, or some other item in this colour before me in a shop and I find it hard to resist. Unfortunately my stoic husband finds this colour 'larry'. Agreeing on colours for our home is a trying endeavour!

What's your favourite colour?

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  1. Delish! are you planning to do some dyeing of yarn? You've had some lovely inspirations...

  2. I'd love to get into dyeing yarn but it's too much of an undertaking right now. I'll just have to be content with playing with all the lovely colours of yarn that are available out there!