April 26, 2009

Phat Fiber!

I'd been anticipating it all week and on Friday my Phat Fiber box arrived!

Phat Fiber boxes are full of handspun yarn and fibre samples, as well as other knitting related goodies. A limited number are sold each month and they sell like hot cakes! You sign up to find out when they'll be going on sale on Etsy. They go on sale once in the morning and once in the evening on one day each month and literally sell out in seconds. With eyes on the clock and hand ready on the mouse I tried to get a box during both drops in March and struck out. Alas, I could not click my way through the checkout process quickly enough!

But I persevered and managed to get a box this month! Here are my favourite items from the box:

1) 15 yards of dk superwash merino in 'Poisoned Apple' (love that name!) and a cute little handcarved yarn ball stamp from Oddish Creations. You can see how nicely the stamp turns out on the tag.

2) Delicate Alpaca Lace from Twisted Fiber Yarn. The label says 50 gr./553 yds. 553 yards?!?! Is that even possible? It doesn't look like that much at all, but then again I've never worked with yarn this thin before. Perhaps looks are deceiving. Can anyone advise if its likely to be that much yardage? Anyways, I'm thinking of trying my hand at an intricate lace doily pattern. We'll see.

3) A 'Reinyarnation' from presentsknits. This is 15 yards of a lovely springy, peachy colour yarn. I love the colour but also the fact that it's recycled wool that has been dyed with non-toxic, food-safe dye. How cute would a Bunny Nugget look in this colour!

4) Two little pots of hand salves. Shea Buttah from Yarns and Musings smells sweet like bubblegum. 'Oh my aching....' from Desert Garden Farms smells spicy. Mmmmm.

I also received stitch markers, a cute kid's cardigan design from Kira K Designs and lots of hand spinning fibers including merino, milk fibre, bamboo/merino, alpaca/silk, and tussah silk.

Here are all of the contents strewn about on my floor.....

There are two types of Phat Fiber boxes, the type I got and one called 'Just Stitches' which doesn't include unspun fibers, just yarn. I had to click so quickly I ended up selecting a box with spinning fibers. I don't spin, but feeling these luxurious fibres tempted me to try. I just ordered a drop spindle from Green Bee Goods on Etsy and am anxiously awaiting its arrival so I can start spinning!

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  1. What a windfall of goodies. Now I'm going to have to go to Etsy to check this!