April 20, 2009

Fun with my new sewing machine!

I had a free weekend with no time commitments so plenty of time to knit and sew. I worked on a pair of socks that are just about done and I had the opportunity to complete a sewing project from In Stitches by Amy Butler. I made this apron...

I like the pattern and colour of the fabric but now wish I had chosen a slightly heavier cotton for the main part of the apron. It's a bit thin for an apron I think. The yellow trim is a bit thicker and would have been a better choice. Oh well, I still think I will get a lot of use out of this.

There is a small pocket and a towel loop (just visible at the side of the apron, near the top).

I found the pattern very well written and easy to follow. Each step is clearly described. Can't wait to make another pattern from this book!

I took a basic machine class at Sewing Machines Etcetera last night to get acquainted with my new machine and found it very useful. The instructor took us through the anatomy of a stitch, how the machine mechanics create a stitch, with the aim that if we know how it works we will be more likely to be able to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. We covered machine care, types of needles and thread, and went over reinforced straight stitch, overcasting, basting, mending, and sewing buttonholes.

I was so excited about sewing after it was over, I bought several yards of fabric before I left. Two yards of a beautiful Kaffe Fasset printed cotton...

...and two yards of an Amy Butler print.

Now all I need is inspiration for what to make with them!

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  1. Your apron is adorable! I particularly like the yellow contrast and how the waistband is a bit thicker than most. I hope you get much happy use out of it :)

  2. Great apron! Isn't pondering over the fabric choices just as fun as the actually sewing?!
    You know, I also have In Stitches but I don't think I've ever actually made anything from it... too busy dreaming I guess.
    Good for you for bringing your vision to fruition!

  3. Oh I really like your apron, called me old fashioned but I've lost too many nice tops to oily stains.

    I also like your herringbone socks great pattern.

    Found you in Ravelry

  4. I have that book too! I've been eyeing that apron and now I'm definitely going to have to make one! Yours turned out great!