April 5, 2009

For a lil' drooler

My cousin and his partner just had a baby so, eager to put my new sewing machine to use, I made this ....

I found the free pattern download over at Chickpea Sewing Studio. I love how Chickpea's bib is personalised with printable fabric. Must get me some of that.

The bib is made with a cotton print on the front, terry cloth on the back, and fastened with a snap. I think it turned out nicely, but don't look too closely as the line of finishing stitches around the edge is anything but even! It was hard to keep the seam allowance even with the terry cloth because it is thick and the edges fray making it hard to see the seam guide on the machine.

I've got enough fabric to make several more of these (I know babies produce a lot of laundry!) and I may try to make some little cloths with the terry and edge them with the cotton. We'll see.
I will be giving the bibs and some little slippers that I'm currently working on and will post just as soon as they are done.

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