January 25, 2010

Cambodia Knits

At the last meeting of the Around the Bay Knitting Guild, we had a special guest speaker talk to us about an inspiring enterprise. Monika told us about Cambodia Knits, which she started last year with the goal of providing an employment alternative to marginalized communities. You can read all about Cambodia Knits here. It's an interesting business model that teaches people how to knit, and then allows them to work from home at their own pace.

We watched a slideshow while Monika told us about Cambodia's culture and history, and some of the challenges people who live there face. She explained her motivation for starting CK and how she went about doing it. We also got to check out some of the goods and I purchased an adorable little elephant finger puppet. I just love him.

Sock Wars update: I'm still in the game. I sent out death socks last week and so far haven't received any!

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  1. Thanks for posting about the talk and CK and I'm glad you like your little elephant!

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