January 13, 2010

Sock Wars!

I've been doing so much report writing at work that when I come home and try to write a blog entry, I stare at the screen and my mind goes blank. But I've got it in me to do a little post today because I'm so excited to be participating in the upcoming Sock Wars V!

Each participating knitter is an assassin and must knit a pair of socks as quickly as possible and send them to their target before they receive death socks in the mail from their own assassin. I won't go into all the rules but you can check them out here. Over 200 knitters from all over the world are participating!

I'm totally expecting to be out in the first round but the great thing is, no matter when you're out of the game, you end with a new pair of socks. The overall winners get a whole whack of sock yarn.

I've received my dossier with info on my target: size 11 feet, dammit, I'm used to knitting for my own size 6. I've swatched and I'm looking forward to some extreme knitting! Now I just wait for the pattern to be posted at 8 pm tomorrow. Wish me luck....

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  1. Ya', good luck. Sounds like fun but wow!

  2. Love the idea of this! How're you doing so far?