May 19, 2009

For special delivery to the Shetlands

A good friend of my husband's from back home and his partner have just recently had a baby girl so of course I had to knit something.....

The free pattern is called Five Hour Baby Sweater, although the knitting took me about nine and that doesn't include adding buttons and button loops (guess I'm a slow knitter!).

I ordered fabric covered buttons from Auburn Studios and added i-cord button loops. I love the little buttons. The baby's dad is a birder so I thought them apt : )

I used some Mission Falls 1824 that I had in my stash. I love this stuff. It is so soft, machine washable, and reasonably priced. Perhaps wool is a poor choice seeing as it is just about summer, but from what I know the Shetlands are quite wind swept so I imagine the sweater will still come in handy (I hope!).

I'll be wrapping this sweater with a couple of these bibs and mailing it off across the Atlantic.

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  1. that is only supposed to take 5 hours?! It would take me 5 years to never finish it ;) I need you to teach me the ways of completing projects.

  2. 5 hours is sort of a misleading name for this sweater. I agree with Vanessa, nine hours is record time!

    I enjoyed visiting the link you posted to the Shetlands and that's absolutely where your little sweater belongs!

    From the birdie buttons, to the yarn, to every pretty stitch--- what a treasure. And with the bibs, too... lucky baby!

  3. So cute!!! 9 hours is very good timing for any sweater, even a baby one, IMO. Great job!

  4. What a beautiful page layout-and the sweater with the cute birdie buttons is awesome as well.


  5. Your sweater is SO adorable!!! I'm in love with the bird buttons you picked. What a lucky baby and friends!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog -- I look forward to visiting with you again soon!

  6. Hi Julia, I am the lucky mum that you sent your beautiful cardigan to. Our baby Evie wore it for the the first time this week and looked adorable! David took some pictures of her which I'd love to e-mail to you. The weather here in Shetland has returned to its usual: chilly and wet, so I think the jumper will get plenty of wear! Thank you so much for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

  7. Hi Katie,

    We received your kind note in the mail. Glad to hear you are all doing well. We look forward to the pics of Evie in her sweater!