March 12, 2009

Full bloom and a WIP

I have several WIPs (works in progress for the non-knitters) on the go at the moment, one of which I've been working on for several months despite the fact that it is very simple. I just keep ignoring it.

It's a pillow cover (or will be) in tunisian crochet. Learned the technique in a class at Spun. The cover is made to fit a small Ikea pillow. I love the way the fabric appears woven:

Here is the back of the fabric:

Just a couple inches more and then it's time to sew up.

By some botanical miracle, all three of my orchids are currently blooming. A perfect opportunity for some photographs.

The first and second photos are of an orchid I've had for several years. It's had a long nap since its last eruption so this is long overdue.

I have a particular affinity for this phalaenopsis orchid as it was a rescue. I acquired it when I worked at a garden store. It was January and, somewhere between the delivery truck and the store, a box of orchids was exposed to the cold. All showed signs of frost damage and most were beyond salvage so the whole box was going to be thrown in the garbage. This one looked like it might pull through so I took it home and nursed it back to health!

My mom gave me this yellow orchid after my back surgery last October. It was blooming when she gave it to me and it is STILL GOING STRONG! [thanks mom ; )] Unbelievable! Definitely a nice get well gift and outlasts a bouquet by months. I believe this is a phalaenopsis as well.

And finally my new addition. I picked it up in bud a few weeks ago at an orchid show at the Royal Botanical Gardens. I live only a short distance from the Gardens and it's my new favourite place. This orchid was a steal at $10. It's called a Beallara 'Eurostar' which is apparently an 'intergeneric hybrid' of Brassia, Cochlioda, Miltonia and Odontoglossum, or some such.

A bit of a set back with Dulce de Leche. I knit the bottom hem and a few inches of the sweater before becoming painfully aware that it was WAY too big. I've had to start over : (

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Love the colours in your photos. From pastel to super vibrant. You might like the way the Pre-Raphaelites used colour and of course, the Group of Seven.

  3. where did you take the first orchid pic? It looks awesome on the black background

  4. Not too familiar with the pre-raphaelites Shelagh, but definitely love the Group of Seven and especially Lawren Harris!

    I took the orchid pic at my kitchen table Van, with the natural light from the window, no flash so the background (the wall) was not illuminated at all.