April 13, 2011

Still waiting......

Well, it appears that this baby is taking its sweet time in arriving. The due date has come and gone and I'm still sitting here wondering when it's going to happen. Hopefully soon!

I've made all sorts of things while waiting, including a few more things for the baby. This pillow will sit on a chair in the baby's room.

I made a basic envelope back pillow following instructions in The Sewing Bible (which is an indispensable reference). I had previously embroidered the two birdy images on linen not knowing what to do with them but this seems a good fit.

Both are Sublime Stitching patterns. I took the completed embroidery, cut out squares around them, ironed on some interfacing, turned the edges under 1/4" all around and pressed, then pinned in place and blanket stitched around the edges. Easy peasy.

The nursery is ready, all we need now is a baby!

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  1. Sweet! Here's hoping you won't have to wait much longer.

  2. Those are so cute!
    To put a positive spin on it, every day the baby's late, that's half a dozen diapers you don't have to change... another full night's sleep...