April 1, 2011

Playing the waiting game

I've been off work for two weeks now. While it's given me time to prepare for the baby and to relax, I must admit to being a little bored. I'm always surprised when people say that if they didn't work they don't know what they'd do with themselves. I'm sure I could always find something to fill the time. But being this pregnant really limits the possibilities. Some of my favourite activities are pretty much out of the question. I can't go for long walks or hikes because I tire very easily. I can't garden because I can't really lift anything and bending over is a pain. I can't go on any trips, even day trips, because I want to stay close to home (I don't imagine driving while in labour would be much fun!). Thankfully I can still knit and sew!!!

I recently made this nursing cover:

Both my sisters have one and I've seen them in the shops. I happened on a pattern for one here and had enough of this lovely Amy Butler fabric to make it. It was so easy to make and only took a little over two hours total.

The addition of a length of boning along the top edge means that the U-shape that you can see in the photos is maintained when you wear this around your neck so you can keep an eye on your baby while you nurse, while still being covered up (if that's your preference - it is mine).

There is even a little bit of terry cloth on one corner in case the baby needs a quick clean up from dribbles.

On the knitting front, I've completed this baby blanket from The Little Sublime Hand Knit Book:

I didn't want to go with traditional baby colours, so picked this combination from Sublime's Baby Cashmere Merino Silk dk. It's incredibly soft - I think the baby will like it!

It's quite a small blanket but I think it will be good for a little extra warmth for the baby when in the car seat or stroller. There isn't much of it for actually wrapping around the baby or laying out on the floor.

I'm just going to keep sewing and knitting until the baby arrives. Word has it there won't be much time for either once it does. We'll see how much more I can make...only 8 days until the due date now!

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  1. Gorgeous blanket! I'm sure you'll find it very handy. Love the nursing cover, too. Such 'springy' colours and what a great idea to have the terry cloth on one corner.