February 15, 2010

A bittersweet end

Well, I'm officially out of Sock Wars now. I went for a skate today and came home to a parcel from San Fran containing my death socks : (

It's not so bad really because the socks are great; they are fun, stripey socks and they fit beautifully. They're also a merino/bamboo blend so they're super soft. I've got happy feet! The package also contained belgian chocolate so I shall console myself with a nice treat tonight.

I managed two kills so I'm pleased with my effort. Now I'm free to work on my Olympic socks, a challenging Cookie A. pattern called Vilai from Sock Innovation. I've done and undone the same 4 rows over and over but I think I've got it now!

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  1. Two kills is great! I don't think I'd last long enough for a first kill.

    Good luck on Vilai! I still have a pair on the needles since October! I really need to finish those up.

  2. I'd say you really scored with those socks. Good luck with your Olympic socks.