November 13, 2009

Mystery Socks Revealed!

I finished my Mystery Socks last weekend!

Finishing these socks was not without drama and heaps of frustration. Everything was going fine at first. I finished my first sock quickly and without trouble. I knit most of the leg on the second sock and was almost ready to turn the heel. I decided to show off my remarkably quick progress to my husband.

My husband is a perfectionist. He admires and compliments my handiwork, but almost always finds some little thing and asks innocently something like ' there meant to be that hole there?'. This time however, it was not a little tiny mistake that he had noticed. Instead, I had forgotten an entire section at the beginning of my second sock.

This is what I was supposed to have, which I had managed to do the first time around:

And this is what I had on my second sock:

There was no way I was going to rip out all my hard work, I would sooner throw the entire thing in the garbage, so I had the bright idea that I would knit up the missing section and then undo the cast on edge and kitchener stitch the two together. Well, it looked terrible. If it had been all stockinette I would have been fine, but this just did not work. After much brooding and whining and lying in a heap I went for a walk (it was a beautiful day) which lifted my mood and I decided I would have to lose that section altogether. This meant undoing the first section on the first sock from the cast on edge so that they would match. If you've ever done that you know it is no easy task. The stitches don't just pull out easily and quickly as they do if you rip back from the other direction. After much tedium, I finally have a new pair of socks.

Here's the back:

And the side:

I vow to pay more attention to what I'm doing from now on!

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1 comment:

  1. Kudos for your perseverance and ingenuity, Julia--- they are gorgeous socks! Interesting and beautiful too, the absence of heel flap.