July 29, 2009


This is a quick, cute and functional project from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson: Quilted Coasters

Cutting pattern pieces is my least favourite aspect of sewing (to put it gently), so it was nice to be able to just cut a bunch of rectangles and be done with it. I got to try out my brand new walking foot too, which is a great tool.

My lines are anything but straight and certainly not uniformly spaced, but I actually don't mind this look of imperfection. I'm sure there is a way to know exactly when to turn a corner so that each line is 1/8" apart but it eludes me.

I'll be keeping this set of coasters for myself but I'm looking forward to making more. I think they would make a great housewarming gift with perhaps some new glasses or a fancy beverage.

Quilted Coasters Pattern Review

Pattern: Quilted Coasters by Joelle Hoverson

Pattern Rating: 4.5/5

Cost: The book sells for $30 in Canada (27.50 US) and includes a variety of patterns organized into the time needed to complete each (in the case of the Coasters 'Less than 2 hour gifts')

Fabric: Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner (I ordered a fat quarter bundle and used 3 of the 6 designs for this pattern) + natural cotton batting

Yardage: A fat quarter yields eight coasters


-this is a super easy project
-sewing the concentric rectangles was somewhat meditative!

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  1. SO cUtE Julia! :) Vanessa passed along your blog to me and I love all your beautiful crafties! I have been up to some crafty business myself. No blog but maybe soon. Hope you are well and I will have a housewarming sans house just to get some coasters! :)

  2. Great work! I love how cheery these are -- perfect for summer. I can totally see these happily under a mai tai.

  3. Thanks!
    Mmmmm, mai tai.

    Kim, maybe we could trade for something you've embroidered, I looove the owl pillow you made! (although I think I'd be getting the better end of that deal!)